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Are you engaged and planning your special day? Looking for the perfect touches to make your wedding special and leave a lasting impression? Your wedding is the perfect time to use fragrance to make your day memorable.

You've probably started planning many aspects of your wedding. Making important decisions on where you're having your reception, who's invited, what food and drink you'll serve and the music you'll dance to. Have you thought about how your day will smell? Often overlooked, smell has a profound impact in shaping our impressions and creating lasting memories. Consider incorporating custom scent into your big day!

Here are a few of the ways  that our staff at Aroma Candle Studio can help you Scent Your Wedding:

Reception Candles

Imagine your guests walking into your reception venue and saying "it smells wonderful in here!". Adding a simple candle to your table centerpieces creates a romantic ambiance and sets the mood for a beautiful evening. We can customize the look and scent of your candles to match your decor and budget. 

Wedding / Shower Favors

Custom candles are the perfect gift for your guests or bridesmaids. With multiple sizes and types to suit your style and budget, personalized labels, and your custom scent blend, you'll create a unique favor that can enjoyed well beyond your wedding night or event. For an extra special touch, use the same scent as your centerpiece candles, and your guests will get to bring part of the evening home with them!

Bachelorette Parties

Celebrate your upcoming wedding with a custom candle party! You'll turn your bridal shower or bachelorette party into an evening of fun and creativity. Each guest will be able to choose a candle container and create their own custom scent by blending with any of our 80+ fragrances. Pour a candle and then head to dinner, get pedicures, or do some shopping while the candles set. Staying in downtown Bel Air? Perfect! We'll come deliver your candles to you when they are ready!*

Wedding Showers and Rehearsal Dinners

Make your wedding shower or rehearsal dinner one to remember! Pour custom-scented candles together (we can even create personalized labels), then head to a great restaurant or event space for a meal and/or gift opening. Your guests will get to take home a candle that reminds them of your special day. Staying in downtown Bel Air? Perfect! We'll come deliver your candles to you when they are ready!*

Custom Body Spray

Scent evokes emotion and memory. Create a custom fragrance for you or your fiance to wear on your special day! You will have a special fragrance all your own to remember your day by every time you wear it or spray it!'

We would be honored to be a part of your special day! Contact us for your free scent consultation. 

*We offer free delivery if your party is dining at a nearby Main Street or Bond Street restaurant or brewery.

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